Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stumble Upon May Increase Technological ADD

An epidemic known as Technological ADD is sweeping the nation.
 I have noticed that I have an extreme amount of difficulty which the following tasks: 

1. listening to an entire song, without hitting next.
 My Brother was completely incapable of listening to a whole song, I suggest we rehabilitate him by refusing to let him be the car DJ.

2. Watching an entire TV show without changing the channel...this includes but is not limited to: attempting to watch two TV shows at the same time by switching back and forth during commercial breaks. I have some news for you about this, you cannot do it.
On the other hand an invention that helped you switch back to the previous channel just in time would be worth the 5 dollars and 50 cents which I currently have in my bank account.

3. Watching a whole movie on Netflix...if I can choose a movie in the first place, then I might manage to watch about half of it.

4. remaining on any website for longer than 5 seconds... does your website have words? I am too lazy to read your words. People are probably too lazy to read my words, so now I can say whatever I want. Cotton candy Unicorns say, "how fluffy and delicious we are". THAT is what I wanted to say?!? holy cuss.
the greatest perpetrator of Internet ADD is probably ...prepare yourself for Olympic ADD level awesomeness.

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