Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gay Spongebob

Recently the Ukraine did some whining about Spongebob being gay.

       1. Sponges reproduce asexually (or function as both sexes simultaneously). No sexual orientation.
       2. Everyone: complaining about Spongebob being gay.
           No One: complaining about a failure to present scientific facts about sponges.

 And we sometimes wonder by the Asians kick our butts at science?

They also complained about the Teletubbies being losers.
  1.  Granted. The Teletubbies are losers. 
  2. However, they have televisions on their stomachs. Which is cool in an odd way, to which one says, "you are interesting, and your existence makes the world a more colorful place, but let's not hang out...Boy Gorge" 
  3.  They were definitely created by someone who had smoked an excessive amount of weed.
Coked up Screenwriter: "so some multi-colored baby faced creatures will have the ability to receive television signals"

     4. All children's television was created by people smoking an excessive amount of weed.

Coked up Screenwriter #2: "So this blue dog wanders around a house, with an adult man, together they communicate with inanimate objects..."

"Hi my name is Steve, cuss my life"
Yes you did cuss our lives, said every parent.

And no one complained: our children are dumber than ever.

A news article from Yahoo...

What you read news on Yahoo?
Yes I am a loser. Also, school didn't get the LA Times today about which I am pissed.

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  1. It might be just me but it seems that one teletubbie is of a different race...