Sunday, August 5, 2012

NBC's Commercials during the Olympics.

sniff* I miss my cartoons today. I am really sorry. Here have this trash instead.

I have been watching the Olympics religiously.
Ok, fine I have been watching women's beach volleyball religiously.
As a result I have become familiar with NBC's commercials for their new seasons.
Like this:

When the power went out.
All the guns stopped working. (?????)
So we had to fight each other with what we had around.
Which apparently was cutlasses, and some crossbows.
I can see that this comes from some NBC Producer saying, "well the Hunger Games did really well, can we have a girl shoot people with a bow? Is that too obvious?"
Yes. Yes it is.
(Ok fine. Truth: The commercial was so dumb that I watched the trailer and there were some guns. Revolutionary war muskets or something. Also batteries stop working because of magic or something.)

actually all of their shows look terrible...Dear Animal Practice, you do know that commercials for comedy shows should be funny right? NBC get off the pot ditching all its awesome comedy shows for crap.
This has been complaining, with Liz Rosema, thanks for watching.
Oh yeah go Misty-May and Kerri Walsh.


  1. I dunno, Revolution looked entertaining, at least...

    Although I hated The Hunger Games. In fact, I hated them so much I never even saw the movie.

  2. okay so I must say that I love JJ Abrams work... but i must agree as well that this new series looks a little far fetched. lol! you crack me up. LOVE YOU!