Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Drug Rug Story

It is official I have darkened the door of office dress code.

In memoriam this blog post will be a love letter to my hippie drug rug.
Here it is: we look so beautiful together.
You can pretend that I made a montage of pictures with me and my hippie jacket.
All the while this montage song can play:

This last one was accompanied by a Facebook conversation which I enjoyed- and thus I shall share it with you.

Once I even wrote fan fiction for my own poncho or drug rug. (?- dilemma: it seems to me that it cannot legitimately be called a poncho because it does not have the same shape, being one piece of clothing with a hole for your head cut in it. However! It looks sort of like the same material as other ponchos that I have seen- and thus I will qualify it philosophically as a poncho improperly speaking.)

 Concerning my hideous poncho coat thing, I won it in a glorious battle. One day I went down to my buddies basement to play video games, and he was sitting on this trash looking couch covered in Doritos ( ).
I said, “dude, that couch is straight up hideous.”

And the Couch said, “come at me bro!” and bombarded me with pillows.

and then I get a fire poker and charge it - fire pokers have always looked like weapons to me anyway - its like here are a bunch of fire handling tools and also this weapon deal for zombies that might come down your chimney.

 After breaking a significant quantity of various plastic trophies in said friend’s basement, I defeated it, skinned it, and wore it as sign of my unsurpassed skills as a warrior.

Or that is how I like to think that I got it anyway. 
This post is brought to you by Crayola markers and dust sprites from Miyazaki's Spirited Away.
Oh also all praises be to California the land of the free and the drug rugs.


  1. I feel people have not met the real you until they experience your drug rug:)

    1. I feel like not the real me with out my drug rug- it is like Aladdin with out the magic carpet, and he says to himself, "what am I now? A homeless man who delusionally claims to have had a flying carpet?"
      that was a strange tangent...

  2. I just saw Team America last week, so I am trying now/not to imagine your cartoons as enacted by foulmouthed marionettes. The montage was brilliant, though.

    1. I have never actually seen Team America but I was looking for cheesy montage songs and that one came up- I thought it was pretty funny.