Monday, February 17, 2014

NBC interviewers in the penalty box - Sochi Olympics

I love the Olympics.
I don't watch other sports. I watched the Superbowl only because there was five layer dip and a massive bag of tortilla chips. I watch the Olympics without food bribery.
I don't love the NBC interviewing stratagem.
 I think that NBC production should take an indefinite cross country ski trip to Siberia. Maybe a long time-out in in the penalty box.
         Their interviews seem intent on dragging the most painful story possible out of every athlete they come into contact with. Not that we don't want to hear their stories- if they want to tell us their life stories, cool. But whisking out painful moments of their lives right after they have competed in the most emotionally charged sports event in the world - is not politely asking someone  to tell you about their journey. NBC isn't encouraging Olympic athletes it is purposefully kicking them in the face.
NBC you are off team USA. Go home.

complaining- to come - but first this important message:

American Athletes out there- We are proud of you if you medal, we are proud of you if you fall. Thank you for representing us on the ice and snow today, we are cheering for you no matter what.
You didn't win- doesn't matter- you're still our hero.

P.S. Dear US Speed skating we love you unconditionally like that Katy Perry song.

P.P.S. I have no idea why NBC has it's head up a polar bear's butt. Ignore their crap please. Don't answer their questions if you don't want to. We are cool with that.

Ready for!~ Interviews that really pissed me off!

1. The Bode Miller interview 

Yesterday after Bode Miller won bronze in the men's Super-G. NBC managed to come up with the most outrageous sports interview I have yet seen.
It went something like this:
     I see that you just flew rapidly down a mountain- what were you thinking up there?
     How are you feeling?
     Remember that your brother is dead?
     Are you thinking about him today?
     Now how are you feeling?
     I see that tears are running down your face right now, how are you feeling?
 He later said that he was really thinking about his brother that day and that was part of the emotion that he felt, but even if he wasn't - adrenaline can make you bawl.
You can watch the video here- warning: it might just totally piss you off.
Bode Miller Interview NBC

After even the most insensitive person in the world could tell that he is tearing up - they keep asking him questions about his dead brother and they hold a camera close up which rivals close-ups in Les Miserables.
In fact "the miserables" is a perfectly good way to describe the viewing audience at that point.
I yelled more at the TV during the interview than during any sporting event I have watched at the Olympics to date. Appropriate phrases include: "DUDE. LEAVE HIM ALONE." and "NO. STOP."
At some point he just walks away from the interviewer.
Do they leave him alone? No.
Another camera man shows up from the other direction and films him crouched down beside the gate. A nearby audience member does their damnedest to interrupt the cameraman's line of vision by waving their hand in front of Bode.

Twitter exploded with some serious hatred for Christin Cooper- the interviewer.
Bode responded in a gentlemanly fashion not blaming the interviewer for what happened.
(Here is a link to an article about it: Bode Miller Interview - response)
Thanks for being a gentleman dude - but NBC shouldn't get off that easy.

If it was just this one interview we could say - hey why is that one interviewer such a jerk? But it is a trend that I have noticed throughout the Olympics.

2. Interview with Shani Davis

He just placed 11th in a race that he was expected to win. He gets off the ice and a reporter and camera annihilate him with questions -
Q: What happened out there today?
A: I had a really bad race - Started off like normal but the end of it didn't work out.
Q: Why do you think that happened?
A: I just had a really bad race.
Q: But why did you have a really bad race? I mean you are the best in the world right?
A: It just didn't happen for me today.
Q: Was it the suits?
He had a bad day. It happens. Have these people never played sports in their entire lives? Do they have no idea what it is like? Yes you train hard - you can build muscle and do sprints with a stupid parachute. You still have days where you feel the awesomeness and days where you don't. Poor Shani Davis is trying to explain that there sometimes is no why. And the camera just keeps being shoved in his face and the interviewer just keeps pushing.

3. Interview with Katie Uhlaender

 She missed the podium by four tenths of a second in skeleton. Four tenths of a second. She starts to tear up as she is asked by the interviewer about the death of her father. She is asked whether or not he would be proud of her. She pretty much says, "I am pretty sure he would be proud of me but I am kinda pissed about losing by this tiny margin." The interviewer also tells her that she will "have another shot in four years right?" That makes it all better. Thanks.

Unfortunately since these last two were not as big of a deal - I cannot find them online.
I usually write funny things here is a post I wrote during the summer Olympics:
Olympics of Blog Posting

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