Saturday, October 18, 2014


People freaking out about Ebola makes me think of this: 

It's a nerdy board game joke - if you are normal proceed to feel sorry for me and then move on.
PS and also: If you haven't played Pandemic you should cause it is fun.
Now you don't even have to pay to go to fright fest.
Some random things concerning Ebola.

1. No listen we don't want to be reasonable and not be freaked out. Come on where is your holiday spirit? Terror and rumor are brothers they are swift and contagious.

2. See here it is way more pleasant to be afraid of things that we do not think we could be responsible for. Fearing obesity or economic failure is not as fun.

3. Have you seen that one cartoon of a fat-cheeseburger-eating-cigarette-smoking dude freaking out about Ebola - and next to him there is a list of how many Americans die from obesity or whatever?
It's a good point except...
Here in America want we to die slowly from the vice of our choice. We want to have the freedom to perish of a heart attack from only consuming milkshakes mixed with monster. It's hard to fear small bad decisions that you make everyday.

4. To those who say, "listen you can't get Ebola because it isn't even airborne. When do you come into contact with other peoples bodily fluids?"
I say: "You must not teach or have kids."
If a bunch of kids get this- we are done.
Kids be like :

-Sorry my nose is running and there is a tissue box over right next to me but your pants look better.
-If I covered my nose when I sneezed how would you know that you need to take care of me because I have a cold?
-This booger spray is a sign of affection.

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