Thursday, June 28, 2012

Seize the Absurd

Origins of Seize the Absurd: 

Note on this auspicious day of our lord[1] in the year of 2010 plus 2 years[2] a juvenile delinquent [3] set out on a journey to create an unread and ignored blog. She named it “Seize the Absurd” for obvious reasons such as: Seize the Absurd was considered by her to be a cool name to bestow upon it. 

[1] our lord being none other than Cuthulu
[2] because saying 2012 makes things too easy
[3] Namely myself “ Liz Rosema” and my alter egos “Lizardbreath  Rosebushes ” and “Elizabeth Ann Rosema”. These persons formed together a trinity of ridiculousness and absurdity heretofore only encountered by those present on a literary pilgrimage to Canterbury.
 The several persons of Liz were at that time in fact not legally juvenile but most certainly were delinquent and there was no room for them at the Arkham Asylum.

   Inside the grey box is the esteemed and official logo of Seize the Absurd -

                              The 30 sided perfect solid.

That's right. We can't draw it and we are going to have to ask you to fail to imagine it because it is an impossibility - or even an absurdity, if you will.
Math jokes everywhere fun to share.

This is what she had to say concerning the foundations of this great undertaking:

   The motto of my school, Thomas Aquinas College, is "carpe veiritatem" (seize the truth). It's a lovably hyper-rational academic institution. Its students are devoted to Aristotle and syllogisms, demonstrations and logarithms.
My right brain cries itself to sleep. In its desperate struggle to survive it retaliated with the slogan "carpe absurdum" (seize the absurd) and I have made that the title of these various cartoon adventures. I do not believe in Photoshop. So the cartoons are scanned or photographed, please bear with any blurry posts for the sake of art.

And so it began. 


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Good Morning

Once upon a groggy morning I randomly drew this... I would love to have emotionally opposite bunny slippers.