My name is Liz Rosema. I draw cartoons. I like to read books and not shut up about them. 
I graduated from a great books college by writing a fat and incoherent paper on comedy and Aristotle's Poetics.

Life and Times:
I am going to abandon financial security and the love of my life (California) to move to Florida and focus on becoming a better cartoonist at the Sequential Artists Workshop for a year. I hope to live somewhere that isn't a trash bin during this process. Someday I want to, like, make a graphic novel or some arts man.

Answers to Pertinent Questions:

God these cartoons look terrible:
 My artistic process is very unique. I make my cartoons with the most abysmal Roseart markers and draw them on the hide of an agile stripe-less zebra.

I would like to tell you how you seem like the kind of person who could punch a shark in the face or become bffs with a blue whale! How can I do that?
This is my email address:  lizrosema@gmail.com
This is my twitter account:  @liz_rosema

I would like to tell you how much you suck or remind you of a stupid thing you did in High School. How can I do that? 
Sorry. I receive ONLY mail that has been carried to me by the light of a full moon AND pickled with a rooster's foot for the better part of the life of an Elephant AND spat on by a basilisk.


  1. Liz I have totally thought you would make an awesome comedy writer/ actor! The thought of you going to Second City makes me SO HAPPY. -Elizabeth Daly

    1. Thanks, I am actually pretty nervous about it, but it is what I really want to do and California seems like a really stressful place to attempt to start out as a comedian or actor. Everybody in LA is an artist, makes you feel drowned in a tide of people who are better than you at everything.

  2. Seriously, you're one of the best story tellers I've ever known. Do it. -E.D.

    1. Thanks. You are one of the best readers/actors I have known (as demonstrated in the A Doll's House seminar. You should get a job recording books on CD or whatever, Jim Dale status. Actually I would love to be a voice actor too.