Sunday, August 21, 2016

The National Gallery of Art

We went to the National Gallery of Art - they gave out little sketch books.  It has a Van Gogh sketch on the front, so that you can be reminded of how feeble your sketch attempts are in comparison. I had a good time making jokes.


Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Very Good Dog

A comic for my dog who passed away. Because I love him. I think that now he is in a better place where he sleeps on an exact replica of my parent's bed all the time and no one ever makes him get off. I think that none of the doors in the house are ever closed and somehow we are all there for him all day everyday. 
I am not open to your mocking me for being sentimental right now.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Friday, January 1, 2016

Star Wars: The Force Took A Quick Nap But It's Still Around

I am supposed to be finishing the pencils for something else so OF COURSE I don't want to do that AT ALL.
I saw Star Wars and so did everybody else and everybody else is writing about out it and I will too because shut up. I will also add shitty pictures from my phone made in pencil. It's my reputation as a cartoonist to burn


- bb-8

-FINN/REY/POE kind of different characters but maybe also the same character do you see what I mean? But it's fine cause we like them? Out of all of them Finn is probably my favorite because he reacts the way that I probably would to his continued survival despite all odds which is running around and yelling, "I AM ALIVE LOOK AT ME SO ALIVE, LOSERS! 100% NOT DEAD. I AM NOT DEAD. HAHA LOOK AT MY BUTT CAUSE I AM NOT DEAD, WHO'S NOT DEAD NOW?! OH! IT'S ME... OH ARE THEY COMING BACK????!? OMG RUN FOR IT BB-8!" Finn's adrenaline filled exuberance is my fave and he very reasonably maybe just wants to get away from all this and live out his life?

- IT WAS FUN! Stuff blew up! People used sudden unbeknownst to them skills which appeared from nowhere like they should because that's our dream isn't it? That we are absolutely wonderful at things that we know nothing about? That we are the chosen one, not on this dusty planet we have been left on with the "add water and explode" bread that we toil day and night for, but in the universe to some other people in some other world we are heroes? If they had to learn things, if they had to work to master swordsmanship, if they had to take a written exam to fly x-wings (which they failed twice), if there was a space DMV where they had to renew their lightspeed licenses (Han Solo has never had one),
then they would be us in space which is not what you want and you know it.
I mean the plot is water tight as the titanic. But that's not what you came to see this movie for.


-Leia is being a general of an army and Han Solo is doing nothing useful why is he in this movie for so long.


-bigger Bigger BIGGER Death Star. like not 2x bigger but 3x bigger for sure. very different.

-Dark side lookin' like a family on a long car ride instead of a badass unstoppable force:
"DAD! DAD! Kylo said we didn't NEED the droid. He said that! He said 'oh I will use my cool force powers' like he always does because he doesn't appreciate my death star and the mechanics of actual physical substances. NO it's always 'oh the force this, oh the force that, oh the force is strong with that wookie's ass that we saw back on

"DAD DAD why was Kylo busy killing his Father when he should have been asking, "what is my father doing here in this like i dunno only part of the death star which might blow the whole thing up?" Murdering people one at a time is inefficient

Kylo: DAD DAaaaD can we stop at Hot Topic I need a new mask.

I mean like use your anger Kylo but not stupidly aren't those the controls for um like the whole death star or whatever?

- The force took a quick nap but it's still around BUT only in the descendants of previous jedi people because apparently this cosmic power and balance manifests itself only through hereditary lines? meh.


- Nazi stormtrooper rally...really?

- Mr. Captianlargeprojectionofmygrosshead of the Dark side.  If you join the dark side the evil will age you to like instant one billion years old.

-Kylo Ren taking off his mask. Verily the movie turned into a farce at this point. Please Consider- "Star Wars: A Petulant Evil" for your next title