Saturday, February 28, 2015

Un-illuminated Manuscripts


I have always liked illuminated manuscripts because medieval artists appeared to aim for putting the weirdest things possible in the margins of the books they were copying. Mice waging battles and plants that grow human heads were popular marginal decorations.
Witness these margin drawings for yourself:
Colossal: The World's Oldest Doodles
Weird Stuff in Illuminated Manuscripts

Behold! The mysterious bird hat person:
No really though.
You look at and are like:
Oh it's a bird. 
No it has a human head in the middle.
It's wearing a bird head hat.
and my sketch of it:

Is this bird bodied person wearing the head of a bird headed person? Perhaps.
 Who can know?
 Is it a bird bodied person desperately wishing to be a bird bodied and bird headed person and therefore it dons a most peculiar hat in order to avoid being ostracized by the general bird population? 

All I know is that hats of this magnificence should surely abound.
I demand more of them.
Thusly, I was inspired to draw a meeting of the huge-bird-head-hats society I think it is quite stunning. I would join immediately if I possessed the financial resources and required neck strength to purchase and wear such a glorious hat.

Bonus drawing:

Lion legged lizard person.


Monday, February 9, 2015

More Valentines

Some more valentines:

I'll write a valentine to a place if I want.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I'm Making Valentines

It's February, the most annoyingly spelled month of the year, and to celebrate that I'm gonna send Valentines to people and things that I love.
I plan to make a bunch more Valentines - not all of them will be references to pop songs I swear. I'll post them here and on twitter.

From: Liz
To: Maggie McCann
This is a line from Boom Clap by Charlie XCX
every time I hear it I laugh - so now it's a Valentine
switching the words makes quite a difference....hangnails you cuss
I was too lazy to post yesterday's so here it is now-

From: Liz
To: Lego
Including: Unikitty