Monday, November 18, 2013

Vegetables are Irksome

A little while ago I went on a two day trip during which we ate bread, bread, and also pizza.
 We have always eaten vegetables by the metric ton in our household and I was pretty sure I contracted scurvy after 48 hours of not eating salad.
I would have murdered somebody for a zucchini.
The other people on the trip were mostly chill with the cruel drought of vegetables and I was confused by that. Did they even like produce? What was wrong with them?
Then I thought about some vegetables and realized that pretty much all of them have something slightly annoying about them. This must be why people don't like them very much.
Not relationship ending sort of annoying just small quirky things you hate.
Like when people smush spiders and leave them on the wall...I hate that.

without further ado:
Six Slightly Annoying Issues with Popular Produce

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