Monday, June 24, 2013

Chillin' like a Villain- the Disney Villain Bar

So it was recently my brothers birthday- and when it is my brother's birthday I use my artistic skills to make him something because I do not have any money. Much like those crappy picture frames with abandoned buttons glued on them that you gave your dad for Father's Day when you were a kid.
Anywho my brother works for Disney and loves Disney things (as do I) - so I thought I would make him some sort of Disney birthday card and this is what I came up with.

So there is a bar called "Chillin' like a Villain" and all the Disney Villains sit around in this bar moping about how they are not on a very large number of T-shirts, and sighing as they think about the tremendous retail value of the princes and princesses.

And the bartender can be the nefarious butler Edgar from the Aristocats.

Scar stirs his drink unhappily with a mouse instead of an olive.

The other two are sketches because I am too lazy to color them.
Hades endures some drunken lesser demons- Pain and Panic, much to his chagrin.

 King John from Robin Hood plays a game of darts with Hiss while sucking his thumb. (Hiss gets to be the dart board.)
I also wanted one with Gaston drinking a whole keg of beer- just hoisting the whole thing above his head with his massive arms and pouring it into his mouth.
And of Maleficent (my favorite Disney villain) and the Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves - having a drink together.
But I am too lazy to do them now so I will just tell you about them.


  1. I would totally drink there. Also, is it wrong of me to imagine Ursula (my favorite villain) in a kiddie pool drinking a mai tai?

    1. I would also totally drink here. It is fantastic to imagine Ursula in a kiddie pool drinking a mai tai- I am now wishing a) that I thought of that b) that I had a mai tai.