Sunday, January 19, 2014

Breakfast of Champions - all about Graham Crackers

Yes today's cartoon is about what I had for breakfast.
What do you mean that my live theme song is "never grow up"?

Anyway my sudden rekindled love of graham crackers led me to wonder why they were called graham crakers -
( This flame for bland substances reigned when I was about four. I remember graham crackers and apple juice were as popular with pre-school kids as kegs are with college students.)

Today's very unexpected headline:

        Graham Crackers and Sex. 

 They were invented by a Presbyterian minister named Sylvester Graham. He aimed to suppress carnal urges through boring diets. The world is a strange place.

Also I now feel that there should be a thing of stuffing graham crackers in the faces of eros crazed people:
Friend 1: "I am head-over-heels-stupid-in-love. I am over the moon. She is so hot."
Friend 2: "Calm down. Have a graham cracker."
                "Think about what it costs to get a divorce."

Questions about this are forthcoming - If chocolate is supposed to increase libido and graham crackers are supposed to stamp it out then are smores a confusing food substance?

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