Friday, April 4, 2014

Wake Up Little Buddy.

  The Death of Ivan Ipodovitch.
  A sad tale.


Nano Cornelius Ipodovitch accompanied Liz throughout her adventures for the past 6 years. Nano was an R2-D2 of electronic devices - faithful and snarky to the end. 
When Liz first received Nano as a birthday present from her brother, she wasn't sure that she needed an ipod. But soon, Nano had won its way into Liz's heart and they were inseparable for the next 6 years.
Nano accompanied Liz throughout approximately 2,400 miles of running since sophomore year of college. During this prolonged period of running, Nano patiently bore with Liz's selection of trashy pop -enduring untold amounts of Katy Perry. 
       Nano is survived by Liz and her laptop Alexander. Both will miss him dearly. They held a small memorial service for Nano complete with a funereal wreath made of the many ear-buds that Nano destroyed (about every 6 months- Ipod ages should be counted in dead ear-buds - Liz learned this from the book Cultural Customs of Small Electronic Devices" which has been very helpful in this trying time. )

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