Saturday, July 5, 2014

Kid Archetypes 1: The Storyteller and The Space Cadet

If you teach kids,
If you have worked with kids,
If you have met kids,
If you have kids and are therefore forced to meet legions of other kids,
       then you have met these kids.

 I have come to the conclusion that, like Jung's archetypes, there are certain repeating types of children.
Please put together a universal groan for:
The Story Teller and The Space Cadet

The Storyteller.
The storyteller decides that you need to hear in detail the entire plot of :
  1. a disney movie
  2. an episode of clone wars
  3. a captain underpants book

The storyteller then proceeds to tell you the whole story in a barrage of sentences to which there is seemingly no end.

It is my personal scientific theory that if The Storyteller is left alone in an enclosed space he will fill the space with words to the point of spontaneous combustion.

2. The space cadet.
Delivered by the stork into the arms of a terrified father in the local hospital - the space cadet has not quite decided to join us yet.

Timmy is especially susceptible to getting all his shit stolen.
Timmy: " hey look I found these really cool Lego pieces!"
Mark (grabs said Lego pieces from Timmy): "Hey look I found these really cool Lego pieces!"
Timmy: "oh ... I thought...I had them....but... maybe you found them first..."
Me: "Heck no Mark. You know what you did."

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