Sunday, July 20, 2014

LEGO Space Pirate Ship - because DUH.

Did you think I was lying?
I am not.
Be Jealous.

Space. Pirates. Space-pirates.
It is yes.

Because a pirate ship without wings is just a normal cuss pirate ship.

 It opens up - yay! Inside the cabin control station. No there are not enough flames everywhere.
Some people do adult things like go to the bank and change the toilet paper roll...I did this.
I have had pieces for the Black Seas Barracuda Lego ship for as long as I can remember - but we got them from a garage sale so a bunch of stuff was missing. I used some of the instructions for that and made up other stuff as I went along.
I didn't want to just build the same one as in the instructions so it became a space ship.

Space repair and little boat space ship.
Captain bad-assery-blue-cyborg-chick 
                         Look at that super cool see through and highlighter yellow pirate hook.
  Plus a cape

a rocket launcher and other heavy artillery are a must needs for space crime organizations 

This space monkey has commandeered  a blaster. 

You monkey you! You give my back my handgun.

The traditional skeleton on the front - but with a space helmet. 
I may or may not also work on a space police boat so that I can create a space pirate battle...

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