Friday, June 12, 2015

Fave Friday: Weightlifting

Things I am tired of hearing:

I thought that this opinion was a mythical internet beast like a cyber cubaccabra or something.
I thought that this was something that only appeared in comments on you-tube videos, but NO I have personally witnessed people opining silly things about lifting. Let's all get some things straight: 

Here are some reasons you should lift: (Ladies especially!) 
  1.  I am stronger now than I ever was in high school (I played a non-stop parade of sports in high school averaging probably to about two hours of exercise everyday for three years). Even though I'm old and eating a single chocolate chip makes me feel like trash, I've never been this strong.
  2. Lifting heavy things feels awesome. Really though. Lift a heavy thing. Pick it up. Put it down. You will now be lifting heavy things forever. Welcome to the society of those who post PRs on Facebook. 
    Workouts feel great. Dead but great.
  3. Challenge is awesome- was your only achievement this week watching American Ninja Warrior? Do something.
  4. Bone strength
  5.  Posture - I spent all of school slouched in our desk seats so that my eyebrows were level with the desk. You can't have shitty posture in weighted squats. I look more like a chick highland warrior now.
  6. You can make jokes about gainz.
Lats are a thing that I have now guys.

What will not happen:
  1.  You will not look like a female bodybuilder. You will not get "huge" or look like Arnold's twin sister. Saying, "Won't you get too big?" to chicks who are doing their utmost to gain half a bicep inch is ridiculous. If I could look like the Willams sisters tomorrow I would do it in a heartbeat but all my hard work gets me is an addiction to reading fitness articles. 
  2. You will not wake up tomorrow and look like you are on the heavyweight side of a power-lifting competition. (PS: These women rock it out. They are great athletes, and they lift hard. You would be so lucky to look like them but whatever.)
  3. What if I'm one of the super rare and incredible women who gain muscle mass with surprising ease? If you are one of these people you probably already lift and you don't need my advice. 

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