Sunday, October 21, 2012


Fall is a hard time for pumpkins, Halloween and then Thanksgiving.

Pumpkins are an important part of Halloween.
Unfortunately for them.
They are an important part of Halloween the way that turkeys are an important part of thanksgiving, and pinatas are an important part of birthday parties.
It would not be the best to be a pinata.

But today is not pity a pinata day here at seize the absurd,
no it is pity a pumpkin day.
Or it could be pity things beginning with the letter "p" day, poor Peter Pettigrew.

However the suffering of a pumpkin can at times be very beneficial to private ambitions. For example if one carved the following message into one of them:

Family : "its weird that no one is coming to our door."
Me: "yes that is in fact very strange. I suppose I will eat all the candy then."
  then proceed to eat all of the candy yourself and pass out in a sugar coma of glory.

And that concludes a slightly depressing message about pumpkins and pinatas, however I am going to bet that before today you never said to yourself "thank goodness I am not a pumpkin or a pinata"
You're welcome.

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