Monday, October 8, 2012


Halloween is my favorite holiday. This is occasionally a source of contention.

OTHER PEOPLE: No. Really your favorite holiday is Christmas.
Presents? Christmas cheer? spiked apple cider?

ME: No it isn't.

OTHER PEOPLE: Fine. Then your favorite holiday has to be your birthday.
Its all about you, how could that not be great?
There's cake, and in your case tequila.

ME: Nope.

BEST FRIEND: No really Other People, it is Halloween. She's not even joking.

If you asked me to list some months it would probably end up like this:
In celebration of my love for Halloween, Seize the Absurd will be Halloween themed throughout October. I have decided to call this:


beginning today with coverage on a Monster Halloween Party, attended by the most famous monsters in history.  Luckily the paparazzi have acquired several promisingly dramatic snapshots.

Adam and his recently reconstructed bride share a pleasant conversation with the Wicked witch.
The Witch serves a marvelous pumpkin-eyeball punch to the fearsome guests.
(Frankenstein is the doctor, Adam is the monster. Which is easy to remember because it makes perfect sense, since he is the first re-created're all welcome very much.)

Medusa has chosen a lovely albino boa constrictor named Reginald as a necklace. The necklace menaces the waiter, who was attempting to serve shots of invisibility potion.
On the left is Chatty-Caty with her fish bone tattoo.

The Mummy, who is intent on impressing the ladies, has failed to notice that his bandages have slipped, exposing some rather unattractive decaying leg.
Mer-woman and the Magic Rabbit are unimpressed.

It seems that the cause of Mummy's unraveling bandages, is a devious vampire, who has nailed a loose end to the floor. Count Vladimir gives him a scathing look as he drinks a bloody Mary (complete with eyeball instead of olive).
That was the last of the paparazzi pictures acquired, it is believed that the photographer proceeded to provoke a werewolf .

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  1. EMIGAD Liz, I am so excited about this month on your blog! Someone recently reminded me that Gorey exists, so I am also suddenly kind of excited for Halloween, which is new for me. I remember your ridiculously detailed and obscure costume last year... you inspire me to remember how great it can be to dress up...