Sunday, September 30, 2012


 Some of my friends occasionally try to get me to study in a coffee shop, without success.
They say things like, “we have the Sundays... maybe if we just go out and do our homework somewhere else we will finish it, and then eke out our last milliseconds of weekend freedom dreading the coming Monday morn on a couch in front of the television. ”
Except that I can never get anything done in a coffee shop.
Because I like listening to other peoples conversations.
I listen with rapt attention to people's mundane problems. While their friends play angry birds on their Iphone and mutter approval, I find their drama fascinating.
If my friends had these problems I would probably ignore them and practice using the force (which just might work someday so I am going to keep trying...but I find the lives of complete strangers interesting.

Whats even more awkward is when you find yourself answering the questions of people in a different conversation.
And that’s why I am not allowed at Starbucks any actually its because I had too much caffeine that one time and stole that old lady's wig..

Eavesdropping was probably more effective back when houses had eves.

Now, apparently eaves are overhang from the roof.
 I am going have to go searching for some eaves to drop from.  

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