Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Costume

I spent all my time making a Halloween costume this weekend, so here is a cheerful Halloween greeting doodle that I made some years ago.

And some pictures of my Halloween costume which happens to be freaking awesome.

I am a gargoyle in case you are wondering.
And yes I made it.
And no I have not finished a draft of my thesis, why do you ask?

Unfortunately, after putting quite a while into making this mask, I discovered that there is actually nothing interesting to do as a gargoyle.
Gargoyles are stone. They just sit there, being cool, way way up high on ledges of cool buildings.
But there weren't any ledges to perch on at the Halloween dance.
And also I am afraid of heights anyway so I would probably be unwilling to perch on them.
So I stood around like a dull boring rock.

When I tried to do anything I just ended up looking stupid like this:

I think I would have had more fun being a mime with Max (a mime cuss it!!!). I did win the individual costume competition, but I think that Max had more fun, even though I stole his imaginary rope out of spite.
Also some one suggested that I should have a pigeon, why did I not think of that? How come I never have good ideas?

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