Sunday, March 3, 2013


Here is a cartoon for you:

That feeling you get when you find slimy conditioner in your ears is terrible.
What do all of these weird ear folds do except provide many odd opportunities for ear piercings?
Only one cartoon what new sloth is this? Yes only one. My thesis is due next Sunday. Did you hear that? Next Sunday DOBY IS A FREE ELF!!! ...and will wear clothes?!?
and will stop beginning sentences with "therefore"...
In other news, powderpuff is not a game were women throw old-time makeup things with nose powder in them at each other. It is football, I am very sore and have received more than a few fingernail scratches.

My initials spell ear.
I might be clinically brain dead from writing this thesis non-stop.


  1. It's been a while since I've commented, I realized. It's near the end of my semester and I'm seven pages in to a ten page paper that isn't due until May 2nd, so I thought I was being entirely too productive and decided to procrastinate via your amazing blog.

    The outside of the ear is called the pinna, and is actually there to capture sound waves and funnel them to your eardrum. I know this because I am hearing impaired and I find all things ear-related fascinating because mine don't work.

    In other news, what is your thesis about? I'm curious because, as an English major, I'm given the option to write a novella for my capstone and apparently the rules for every major is different at my Catholic school. Is it the same way at St. Thomas Aquinas college?


  2. Oh good here you are again! I thought I had become excessively boring and you had given up on me.

    My thesis is on comedy -looked at from the perspective of Aristotle's Poetics. It involved me reading the Poetics ceaselessly. A lot of it is about "poetry" in general though. I am now free of my demanding thesis overlord (it is about 30 pages long)- and I procrastinated on it. I just defended it in front of a panel of tutors two weeks ago and I am all done and set to graduate.
    I would probably have rather written a novella- or turn in this blog and call it sketch comedy.
    Are you going to write a novella?

  3. I tried to read Aristotle's Poetics once. I managed to get about a quarter of the way through it and then realized that, though I appreciate the philosophical impacts of the Greeks, I'd much rather read Sartre or Nietzsche. (Most likely Sartre).

    I think that it's impressive that you chose that topic, though. Yikes. If I'd been forced to write a thesis - and they made me write it on Aristotle's Poetics, I'd have probably ended up writing about tragedy, since I understood his stance on that much better than I did his stance on comedy.

    I'll probably end up writing a novella, yeah. Or a thesis defending the cultural habits of the Hadza tribe in Africa. Either one.

    How does one defend a thesis in front of a panel? I just...don't understand? Do you read it out loud and then open the floor to attacks (both verbal and physical), which you then parry and riposte using a mechanical pencil? Do you fail if the physical copy of the thesis gets damaged? That's how I've always imagined it.


    1. I wish a thesis defense involved stabbing people who disagree with you with a mechanical pencil. The tutors (professors) read it, then they ask you questions- you answer them. It doesn't sound so bad now that I am done and safe from not graduating from college.

      I actually really liked the poetics once I had studied it forever- it takes a considerable amount of time to even see what he is saying (the general jist of it is not too hard- but the details get pretty confusing)
      He actually says almost nothing about comedy- (that it is an imitation of the ridiculous action) but his science on the subject is where the mystery lies. I also spent an eternity writing about what Aristotle calls "catharsis".
      I do love Nietzsche- he is really correct when he calls himself a great writer.