Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

A Conversation between me and the IRA, in which things get vaguely violent. At the St. Patrick's school dinner last night (during which umpteen renditions of Danny Boy were sung and everyone got all teary eyed at the sufferings of the Irish people, I had to leave because I kept cracking jokes during very emotional songs.) I during this dinner I discovered that the difference between the IRA and the IRS was not common knowledge. For your information, the IRA is the Irish Republican Army, not the IRS - though accountants are fearsome in their own right and I have yet to finish my taxes.
ME: Hey! Irish Rat-Cusstards this your flag?

IRA: Nay! that is the symbol of oppression for our red-headed-booze-drinkin' people.
ME: right this your flag?

IRA: NAY! ye blasphemer! That is the color of the protestant infidels. We don't like you, and we are going to cut your head off.
ME: Cut my head off, don't you guys blow stuff up?
IRA: Yes but we recently attended a terrorism conference which Al Qaida hosted, and we received a couple helpful suggestions about our terrorist operations so we are trying some new things.
Ok I think it's this, some catholic green people duking it out with protestant orange people over some supposed "peace" in the middle.
Religious wars: Let's help each other reach the afterlife in no time. 
well that might have been a little preachy...but this fighting flag is cool so there.

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