Sunday, April 7, 2013

college bucket list

Now that my thesis is done I am free to begin a college senior bucket list involving all of the things that I want to do before I graduate.
1. make a vodka melon and it on the beach

Inevitably someone runs around with a hollowed out watermelon rind on their head- I hope that it will be me.

2. play campus wide capture the flag-
The night after my thesis defense I could not sleep. But not because I was thinking about my defense, instead I was trying to decide how to best split the campus into two halves for capture the flag.
 Additional bragging stuff: y'all losers have no idea how sneaky I am. I am fantastic at hiding- hiding all six feet of myself. You will never find me.
Of course I mean capture the flag- outside with lots of crap to hide behind- not on one stupid field, and also in the dark. Capture the flag that does not involve sneaking like a ninja and require night owl vision is not capture the flag its tag.

All of this reminds me of the most epic game of my childhood - "raptor" it was based on Jurassic Park, the kid who made it up was lauded as a god among children, we considered him a veritable Homer of creativity.
It goes like this: there are a couple raptors- and everyone else is human,
If the raptor tags you, then you turn into an "egg" and count to 30, while you are an egg if another human tags you then you don't become a raptor and you are saved from transformation into a carnivorous dinosaur, but if you get to 30 then you are born anew as a ferocious raptor.
Two humans can kill a raptor if they join hands and tag one.
Anyway to be successful in raptor was the greatest glory a kid could achieve.
 Don't mind me I'm just re-living my childhood, and I wanted to tell you about raptor because it was awesome.

3. To do as much nothing as possible.

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  1. We should make the vodka watermelon at Grace's house. - Marge