Sunday, April 28, 2013

Graduation Invitation Doodle

I am about to graduate from college, finally. This is a pretty big deal seeing as I possess enough college credit for two diplomas, and yet! I have not managed to procure even one.
The only things standing in the way are some finals on the metaphysics (peppered with fun phraseology such as: "being as being"). By Friday I will probably kill anyone who says the word "being" in my vicinity.
Anyways I was recently addressing invitations to my graduation, they are very boring.
Observe: (some lack of creativity in whatever tiny graphics department my small very catholic college may possess)

Boooring- Yawn-ity Yawn sauce with a side of lame.
Anyway I was going to send one of these to my brother - but then I was embarrassed at the thought of sending something so mundane all the way across the cussing country, (unless my brother has been suffering from a recent bout of insomnia in which case this invitation could put him directly to sleep).
So of course I started doodling all over it- which is what happens to anything left in my hands for more than three seconds. 
and this was the result:

well actually I pretty much like the, maybe I had a bad day.


  1. Am I going to get an exciting invitation even though I'm probably not going to go?

  2. haha! you told me you didn't want to come! So I wasn't going to send you one. Also I miss you 9 times.

  3. Am I a bad person for not wanting to come? :( You're not going to hate me, right? And I miss you 36 times! You better come visit soon!

    1. You are in no way a bad person for not wanting to come- also I am sure I will be busy attempting to keep an academic quadrangle on my head, and trying to eat all the doughnuts during the coffee break.
      Someone will give a long speech, another someone will give a longer speech. Everyone will praise the wonders of Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle- I will remember recent sleepless nights spent studying the bullshit of Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle (bullshit being the actual title of "on being and essence" and "Metaphysics").
      ...And here Aristotle demonstrates that God is a self thinking thought and the middle terms are: "we really want him to be capable of doing this so lets just say he had some..ok?"

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks- I think it showcases my schizophrenia perfectly. Just trying to write a note to somebody and then all of a sudden it has scribbles all over it.