Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Birds, General Finals Week Terror.

I lie.
I am not even slightly terrified. In fact, though we are yet in the fray of our last set of college finals, I have still managed to come down with the Sundays. Having none of the terror that motivates people to study - I am now lying on my bed like a jello salad. Occasionally I have some vague useless notions about what Einstein thinks about "field", which I might use for my Lab final tomorrow.

Anyway, since I attend the strangest school on the planet, everybody takes finals in pretty much the same subjects- so we do a finals countdown on the dry erase board (in which we draw up some random things and then kill each of them off as we finish that final). Since I am very busy pretending to study I will just give you some pictures of our finals countdown/kill-off. In which every subject is represented by Birds.. for no reason whatsoever.

Please note one of my favorite parts of this board is that it says: "Please DO NOT change or erase anything on this board or Liz Rosema will kill you! Slowly." and then someone said that they were going to miss my cartoons/ death threats next year which is ever-so touching.

Hopefully this will get bigger when you click on it.
Anyways as you can see, the "Music and Latin" finals are taken on Saturday so that bird has already been killed off and in this case is being roasted on a spit over an open fire.

Here is the math question.

And the lab question:

The answer to which of course is "African or European?"
What is the definite integral of swallow with respect to x?

And this: 

As I was drawing on a different part of the board someone came over and read it out loud slowly. 
Then they looked at me.
Then they read it again.
Then they looked at me. 
And then they said, "but, that doesn't follow." 
And I said, "Yes..." 
God bless the freshman...


  1. Ahahahahh!! God bless their pointy little heads!

    1. God bless their hyperbolic/parabolic (who can tell the difference anyway) heads.