Sunday, May 12, 2013

I graduated and I am lazy.

Well yesterday I graduated college, so today I am too lazy to write a real post.
I hope you will forgive me.
I will make a quaint statement about academic robes.

People in academic regalia look absurd. Masters or phd holders look even more ridiculous.
 I believe that this is the secret principal:
 The higher the education you get, the more ridiculous stuff they stick on you.
Just in case you were tempted to forget that you are an idiot.
 In case you were thinking "Holy cannoli batman, I am a genius! I'm very well acquainted to with matters mathematical ... (proudly, the foolhardy graduate sings the rest of  Modern Major General)".
They make you stick a large flat square on your head - (in what is understood by many as the worst and most useless hat design ever created) and have you walk around in billowing black robes (sheets?). I took full advantage of wearing robes and loudly pronounced spells from Harry Potter at every available opportunity.

Anyway my moment of glory yesterday was spent hoping that I was not sweating through said academic robes. It is not good graduation weather in California.

Look at my beautiful academic quadrangle. See how it slips off my head like it went out drinking yesterday and is tipsy?

There I am!
Being given a questioning side glance which says, "what are you smoking? Did the church incense make you lose your mind? Do non-catholic people always look this happy when they get out of mass?"

In my defense I believe that I have just seen my mom and sister and I am about to wave to them - don't worry, I don't carry this stupidly happy and enthusiastic expression on my face all the time.

PS I am wearing a black t-shirt and basketball shorts. Ever-so-formal.

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