Monday, July 15, 2013

100 POSTS!

This is my 100th post- I have posted a total of 100 glorious, not-so-glorious, and meh times.
It is also my birthday, I have been writing Seize the Absurd for over a year.

Well- It is the birthday of Seize the Absurd.
Who is sometimes my name and sometimes the name of the blog I am not really sure which.
Anywho in celebration of our birthday (which actually was on Thursday June 27th, but whatever) I shall draw a party.

tada. Yes someone is wearing a traffic cone instead of a birthday hat. Yes someone is wearing a chicken instead of a birthday hat. Yes the Octopus made the cake.

Also I shall do blog whoring/ evangelizing:
I want you to help make Seize the Absurd a better blog!

Its my party I will cry if I want to
While at work the other day I had a question:
Why is it so easy to complain and so difficult to compliment?

I was at work and I just started thinking: no matter how well I do this job no one is going to call customer service and say "Hey your employees do a great job and I love them!" but screw stuff up and they will be on the phone telling people how terrible you are in a heart beat.
I was angry about this and it felt unjust.
     a. I work hard and do well - no one cares. They say to themselves "Eh, that is what they are supposed to be doing."
     b.  I mess up - every one is on it like a Tyrannosaurus Rex on some goat bait in Jurassic Park.

Then I thought about it some more and I realized that I am a hypocrite- I do things like this all the time.
I saw that I do this same thing online (imgur) sometimes I see somebody's post, laugh and then just hit the next button and move on without up-voting it. WHY?!?! Why do you hate justice Liz? Liz it would literally take you 5 seconds to give somebody the credit they deserve for making your day a little brighter.

I  am one of those people who would go out of my way to complain about something but I am too busy to go out of my way to tell somebody they are doing a great job.
I am infuriated with myself.

It has been a year- this blog takes a lot of work, and I am the entire yellow brick road away from being internet notable (even vaguely well known).
So if you enjoy Seize the Absurd please help me get the word out about it- tell somebody you know about it. Tell five somebodies you know about it.
I actually do not just write this so that my friends can remember what my terrible jokes are like.
Also it is really helpful to know if something is funny (comment! here or on Facebook)- I will go through life thinking "Well, that post was a complete flop!" unless someone tells me that they liked it. Maybe it was a complete flop- tell me why you didn't like it or how you think it could be better.

How Seize the Absurd? How shall we be missionaries for you throughout the world?
Don't worry friends I have made a list of suggestions for you:
 1. Share a post on facebook.
 2. Like a post on facebook.
 3. Leave a comment. Don't know how? Well I wrote a post about it:
4. Share on Reddit, Digg, Imgur, Stumble Upon, Twitter, Pinterest and any other social networking site           which you choose to spend all your time on.
5. Write someone a letter about it and mail it to them snail mail status in an attempt to provide some           business for the currently tanking US Postal service.
6. Put a letter in a bottle castaway style and let it float away on the ocean.
   crop circles etc. I would be grateful for any of it.

Also you can let me know in the comments if anyone actually does any of these things by commenting about it and I will thank you.


  1. I'll comment.

    Keep the posts coming! Your drawings and commentary are hilarious!

    I heard about your blog from some other TACers. I'm a TAC grad myself (class of 2009). Being an alum, I love your commentary on TAC life, since TAC is indeed a strange place populated by strange people. One of my favorite posts is the one where you drew a picture of someone defeating an upperclassman seminar book with a flamethrower. True story: I kept a NERF gun in my room, and definitely used it to take out my wrath on my Ptolemy book. Oh yes, I had a reputation at TAC, although yours seems much more awesome than mine.

    So keep it up! I look forward to your posts, and I *can't* be the only one. :)

    1. Thanks Emily! I am really glad that you enjoy reading my blog. Please keep reading :) I approve of the nerf gun and believe that it would be very cathartic to shoot offending books. A couple times I threw books in the air out of rage before class started (for dramatic effect, or because I am insane the jury is still out on that one.
      I am not sure what my reputation was like at TAC because reputation is mostly what people say about you when you are not present. All I know is that when my parents came to graduation I suddenly cared more about reputation and my thought process went like this: “TUTORS! TELL MY PARENTS HOW WONDERFUL I AM! Remember all the times when I made a stab at your strange questions even though I had not fully formulated my ideas because the rest of the room was filled with silence and glazed eyes. Somebody help my Parents feel proud of me!”
      I didn’t set out to write this blog just for TAC students thought some of my posts certainly apply mostly to us- I hope to reach a larger audience someday.

    2. FWIW I like your non-TAC stuff too. :)

    3. Thanks! - My non-TAC posting tends to be a little more vapid but I still like writing it.

  2. Lose not thy faith, oh Lizard. I have not been very good about sharing these, despite supposedly doing social media stuff, but I always look forward to reading them. I shall try to be better and spread the word.

  3. You crack me up, especially the drawings. My own blog has been more than abandoned since January (6 months of non-posting, I'm going for a personal record!! Ok, I have no time). ANYWAY. I do enjoy your blog and am glad you're not on a personal hiatus and that you've reached 100 posts and I'll spread the word. Sound good??

    Happy 100!

    1. That sounds very good! Thank you for your support - and I hope you find more time to work on your blog, because I really enjoy writing (cartooning?) mine and I would miss it if I stopped. Well- actually I enjoy having the ideas for posts when they are fresh and awesome and then after I have worked on it for a little while I can't tell whether or not they are funny anymore.