Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Comments: You are now able to comment on Seize the Absurd

In order to enable commenting from non-Google users I just had to change some settings.
You may be asking:
How did you not figure this out before?
How dumb are you?
Those are good questions.
I think not even my technological ineptitude is a tenable excuse. I have idiotically been shooting myself in the foot for the past six months by making it very difficult to comment. NO MORE!

And now introducing:
The complete guide to commenting on Seize the Absurd, in unnecessary detail, with screen shots.

1. Go to the bottom of the blog post where these handy buttons are and click on the bit which says in this case "2 comments:"

2. you get this.

3. Type your comment and then choose what you want to "comment as"

4. If you have an address for AIM for example you can use it to comment.

5. If not comment anonymously but please leave your name.

6. Then you have to do one of those various nonsense checks to prove that you are not spam. I included a picture of mine because it called me a fool.

Then publish and you are good to go!
Feel free to comment on older posts as well.
Sorry about that, Oh the problems that a Google search could have solved long ago. Well I will file this one in  "various embarrassing mistakes"


  1. This is exciting, Liz. But I can't really think of anything exciting to say.

  2. Now see...did no one read this post? If you don't type your name first you show up as just "Anonymous" and I have no idea who you are. Which makes me sad because now I have to say, "thank you whoever for commenting even though you cant think of anything to say"

  3. Yaaay Rosemuffins! Do you really need my name?

  4. But perhaps it was purposeful... Perhaps some of us revel in our anonymity and don't want to be thanked. We lurk in the shadows now that you have enabled commenting and strike... Without warning... Unhelpfully... Fueled by caffeine and opera...

  5. Ooor...we can all tell each other apart anyway...

    - Mon

  6. well that one is Monica because she called me Rosemuffins. The other one is fueled by opera which is strange.

  7. ...and that leads you to the conclusion that he/she/it must be... Oooh this is so much more fun now.

  8. ummmm Meghan??? Damn this is frustrating.

  9. My money's on Meghan. Because the first one is so delightfully wordy and esoteric. Also caffeine.

    Could be wrong, however.