Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Here is a drawing for you, it is a mistletoe monster.

Watch out.

1. Some Comments on Christmas Dinner.
I love Christmas dinner but not the beginning of it because people keep making me pass stuff as I try to stuff as much food as possible in my mouth.
"can I have the butter?"
ME: "No. Don't distract me. The snowplow that I am using as spoon is heavy machinery, and do we stop people who are operating heavy machinery to ask them to pass the butter? No we do not."

It might be a good thing I have never been to someone else's house for Christmas.

2. Some blog begging.
All I want for Christmas is for the internet to love me.
Is that asking a lot? Yes, but hear me out. I want to be a comedian and cartoonist professionally, this is for some reason the greatest dream of my small Grinch-ish heart. This is the big, unrealistic, sort of dream that requires the sort of luck that I don't possess. Every time you tell somebody about my blog, every time this sad little graph goes a little higher, I get hope that I have a shot.

 A shot at stuff that looks impossible like writing screenplays and TV shows. Yes, successful blogging can open a path towards a profession in comedy.
The other day someone was asking me what I wanted to do after school and one of my friends said, "Liz wants to be Tina Fey."
Yes I do.
I need your help.

Well that broke my rules of desperation. Namely "being desperate is not attractive, so cut it out Liz." But if I am honest with myself I really am desperate for this to succeed. If you have ideas on how to reach more people, tell me. If you know some people who might like this, tell them. Thanks I think that was a sufficient amount of desperation, I am gonna be done now.

3. Theodore James Rosema: I am glad that that you are my brother and that we both have tea party names (Elizabeth Ann...ha.). Merry Christmas, I miss you especially today. Also I haven't bought you anything.


  1. Look I can comment anonymously how nice

  2. Liz Rosema:
    Because I am commenting anonymously but I still want Liz to know who I am I will put my name at the top. So that I can see that I am talking to myself.

  3. This might be a problem.

  4. Talking to yourself

  5. We already know that I talk to myself, to the extent that I have given different personalities different names. (mean me, niceish me, ect.)

  6. The girl I work with talks to herself a lot. So do I, but less. I sometimes tune her out. It's inconvenient when she actually says something to me, though.