Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gingerbread Battle

A man sits beside a cozy fire place in a purple sweater vest and messy white hair indicating that he is either insane or Albert Einstein. 
He says: "Welcome to the Not-history channel. Today we would like to discuss the history of a hidden people, one that lives right under our noses. Few have payed attention to the intricate history of this civilization. The civilization of Gingerbread men."

There are Gingerbread houses:

And then there are Gingerbread houses, the great Gingerbread families of Sugardom. Proud Lords and Ladies of the Gingerbread people. The noble Gingermen have fought long, bitter battles for the Gingerbread throne. The War of the Gumdrops was particularly horrific. Soldiers present recalled the battlefield strewn with the crumbs of mutilated gingerbread men. They poured glasses of milk onto their enemies, turning them into nasty disintegrated mush.

anyway here is a gingerbread battle.

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