Monday, August 5, 2013

Elusive Self Confidence

Self-confidence is a mythical animal. I did not know that it was a thing until some people started telling me that I didn't have any of it.
I think most people waver around on the spectrum of self confidence like one of those spinning things in old board games. Everyday you give the spinner a flick and it lands on how you feel about yourself for the day.
Some days you think I am pretty cool - but other days you remember that once in second grade you accidentally sneezed a booger into someone's hair and they found it and blamed you...and you think "I am a looser because of that thing that happened in second grade which came back to me right now for no apparent reason".

(Just in case you missed out on the Moon- Moon saga and have no idea what I am referring to - No really click the link and read it.)
Represented differently thus:

I over compensate for bad days by pretending that I am unendingly awesome which just makes me come off as obnoxious.

However, have also met some people who are unfailingly and constantly on the over confident side of the spectrum. This is annoying - really, really annoying. You might be suffering from over confidence if you catch yourself saying the following things:

1. I am surprised that my essay did not yet win a Nobel Prize. It is so awesome that if it was a book it should be so covered in those shiny award stickers that no one could read the title. (Like Newbery award etc)

2. I am surprised that there is not a Google doodle in my honor... every single day
3. In order to be cooler than me one would have to possess and army of adorable puppies that would appear out of nowhere whenever they wanted them.
4. I read so fast that I literally have no idea what this chapter said, why are you not impressed?

Lastly if I ever write a book I will be sure to stick some fake shiny award stickers on them like this-


  1. I tend to err on the side of overconfidence, but I try to not be assy about it. I mean, yeah, there are (many many many) things I'm not fabulous at, but I'm just ok with who I am and if you can't get on board with that, then it's ok too.

    Although a Google doodle would be cool. We don't have to start with every day. Maybe quarterly and ease our way into monthly, then weekly and then daily? With an extra special animated doodle for my birthday?

    1. Ha! No overconfidence is probably more effective - I am always making fun of myself and people take me very seriously and get worried.
      Double HA- your comment about the Google doodle made me laugh! You should notify the Google staff of this compromise and see how they take it- you never know they might be like "sure - no one else is confident enough to ask".

  2. Liz! that Aristotle quote is a gem.

    1. Thank you who ever you are...I am going to say that you are Aristotle.
      Dear Aristotle I am glad that you agree that I have pretty much summed up the whole practical virtue section of your Ethics by saying - "virtue is the mean between doing two stupid things."

    2. Also Aristotle you are a gem I love it when you said, "in order to be beautiful one has to be tall." I am not beautiful but at least I have the qualifications for it.

  3. That Moon-Moon epic was amazing. Your article was pretty good too. Thanks!

    1. I know right? That is why I said to click on the link like five times I think people usually ignore me when I do that but moon-moon is awesome.
      Also my werewolf name is MAGIC FIRE. With Liz Rosema it's FIERCE FIRE.
      They are both awful I am not sure which is worse.