Sunday, September 15, 2013

St. Tequilus

The patrόn saint of upperclassmen seminars:

Anyway I have always thought that icons were beautiful - thus I am appreciating them by drawing blasphemous-ish spoof.
I think this picture is funny all by itself -
but I wrote more because it felt lazy not to write anything - thusly I have composed the whiny rant below. Feel free to skip it.

His hat askew and his eyes looking in slightly different directions - St. Tequilus is the one who is there to help you in seminar when somebody asks about Emma, "Why are we reading this book anyway?" -to which I think I said something uncharacteristically romantic like, "Love is beautiful and worth imitating." Answers like this are only pull-off-able if you have had a little tequila and are not considered a fluffy romantic sort.
St. Tequilus is there to help us when we are reading Gulliver's Travels and we wage a two hour fight to show that the houyhnhnms are not Swift's depiction of a perfect society.

St. Tequilus give us patience to bear with the extremely philosophical people -
Who do not do well with literature- a world of simultaneous contraries.
Who do not think a story can be great unless it ballyhoos their perspective - (Cough* Flaubert).
Who believe that literature exists to serve ethics.
Who hate The Waste Land - but only read it once and skipped the notes.
Lastly St. Tequilus help us to be not overwhelmingly pompous in the face of this philosophical ineptitude. Help us to admit it when we don't understand and maybe actually learn something - amen. 

Saying amen to your own prayer is like saying "I agree with myself," at the end of every sentence.


  1. 1. bless your blasphemous soul I love and miss you
    2. "who hate The Wasteland - but only read it once and skipped the notes." :3 whoops...but really, that was st. tequilus' fault anyway...



  2. I am sure that I also love you but I am not capable of decoding your name which is Sliz... help me. :)