Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rabid Furbys.

Back in the 90's this toy called the Furby rose to astronomically high popularity. This caused parents to fight to the death to acquire one for their kid at Christmas time.
My little brother was all about robotic toys - so he got one.
I hated it.

Reasons I abhorred Furbies
 1. They look like fluffy bird-trolls and speak in baby gibberish.

2. I hated them and was convinced that they were possessed.
I believed that taking the batteries out of them could not kill them. They would just know that you had tried to murder them them. They would hate you even more - and keep on talking.

Furbies are staging a comeback. I am not a fan of this.
A year or so I was standing in our library flipping through Time or something while I attempted to put off doing home work. It said "the Furby - hot 90's toy makes a comeback" - I yelled in terror.
Anyway so when a new generation furby appeared on my facebook feed I suddenly had a mental picture of me fending off slews of rabid furbies with a sword - I have cartooned this thusly:

Creepy toys/ children's tv programming pop quiz:
1. What would it be like to be one of the people in a Teletubbies costume? Do antidepressants and counseling come with the job?
2. Which toy is scariest?
      a. Troll Dolls
      b. Glow babies
      c. A tickle me Elmo that starts talking in the middle of the night.

- note about Teletubbies I just youtubed it and its creators were like, "well this is how children think."
 Sooooo basically you are saying that being a kid is like being on acid?


  1. Teddy Ruxpin gave me nightmares for *years.*

    1. I did not know what Teddy Ruxpin was so I googled it and at first I was like - hey it's just a Teddy bear not so bad...but then I saw all the other weird ass bug troll characters he hangs out with, and that it also had a mechanical doll - ew.