Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sleep in or survive?

a. spider juice sounds like a Halloween appropriate mixed drink
b. Humans are so groggy and useless in the morning it is surprising we have survived this long. If you put a lion in my room and I woke up staring it in the face I would probably bop it with my pillow - turn over and go right back to sleep.
c. which is the most appropriate book to kill spiders with?
       1. Crime and Punishment - the crime: you are a spider in my house - the punishment: I kill you
       2. At Home in Midford. Because there is something outstanding about killing things with a book about              picturesque little towns.
       3. Not a book - instead the first season of Breaking Bad because Walter kills his first person like I kill spiders - "shit...sorry.. sorry...what have I done?...there was nothing else I could do - he was messing up my entire life...sorry"

1 comment:

  1. Haha. We have a cricket infestation right now and it's terrible. I hear them all the time in the middle of the night in my room and am just like, "I'll find it in the morning."