Monday, December 9, 2013

Defend Yourself this Holiday Season: Cereal Box Forts

Until they were banned from the table, Cereal Box Forts were the residences of the valiant. 

Note: Who remembers the Lamb Chop show? How is it not creepily morbid that that she is named "lamb chop"? Isn't that like having a pig sock puppet named "Bacon", a Cow named "Hamburger", and a Chicken named "Nuggets"? I think I just stumbled on the premise for some eerie children's television programming. Where did Hamburger go?

I came, I saw, I conquered - Teddy's cereal box fort by landing three cheerios that I licked in his cereal bowl.

Anyway - I was reminiscing about Cereal Box Forts. When I thought to myself, "Why aren't there Cereal Box Forts for Adults? They don't even have to be made of Cereal Boxes. They can be collapsible so that you can pull them out in any sort of awkward situation."
Since awkward situations seem to run rampant during the holidays the Cereal Box Fort would be especially useful in the Holiday Season.

In the non-Advent season this could also be useful for: Office meetings and or hiding from people that you used to know who show up in your local Starbucks.

Seize the Absurd will now demonstrate how to use the Cereal Box Fort effectively -
A. Some one asks you an odd question :

Starts talking about the adorableness of shoes: 
Or you are just in an uncomfortable situation in general and you don't want to tell anyone "what you do".

B. Your response - 

Whisk out the collapsible Cereal Box Fort-

Safely glare at people from behind it. Wonder if it is possible for you to become more like your hero the Grinch. 

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