Sunday, November 30, 2014

Jurassic World - It's gonna be fun.

I know this is so a week ago and everyone has moved on to the Star Wars trailer and the soccer ball droid now - but I am not done yet. I am still excited about Jurassic world.
Here's why:

People complaining about Jurassic World not being a realistic representation of dinosaurs will be given the silent treatment. If you want science - watch Cosmos.
The plot of every Jurassic Park movie is the same and that is okay with me.
I really like how they always bring in the scientists after they have a. cloned some dinosaurs b. made up new dinosaurs c. re-created a shitload of carnivorous dinosaurs and then they say "hey scientist of some sort- will you just confirm that we are super smart and tell us that we did a great job?" and the scientist is like: "NOPE. Ya'll cray cray. This was the worst plan that I ev...".CHSHSH (radio static) "10-4 We um seem to be missing an entire T-Rex"
Scientist: Not cool. But at least there are electric fences everywhere and - I mean they will totally withstand that oncoming tropical storm...right?
"10-4 We um didn't think we would engineer an automatic backup generator on this tropical island which is frequently hit by heavy storms."

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