Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lazy Weekends

I am surely going to get caught up on all that: 
Mold and grime vanquishing
Blog posting 
Finance calculating

I have made a habit of deluding myself about weekends.
It began in college when I told myself things like:
I will  finish  start  write a topic sentence for*  think about this paper. 
I will read all of Emma for Thursday's seminar.
I will write an extra paper about The Waste Land for fun. 
It all ended with me taking homework to the beach and not doing any of it.
I have carried this habit with me into my ever-so-slightly-more-adult-years.

This circle though - wow it is lumpy

* Some great sentences (or titles or introductions) that I have just made up:
In the Prior Analytics, Aristotle introduces us to the harrowing boredom brought on by syllogistic logic.

The Iliad is a timeless book which bears a striking resemblance to Jersey Shore. These similarities, e.g., excessively tan and buff dudes, various petty brawls, and a view of women which involves possession or enslavement, seem to have gone unnoticed by a large majority of literary commentators.

Beatrice doesn't give a shit about you Dante. She is too busy being blindingly shiny. Also she is dead. It's time to get over it.

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