Sunday, November 11, 2012

I hate being told what to do.

I am fairly stubborn and above all I hate being told what to do.
have to is a combination of words that makes me instantaneously erupt into a volcanic ash storm of anger...or general disagreeableness.

You have to follow these rules.

You have to share all my religious and political beliefs.

You have to get out of the rain

(In whether news today gale storm winds were seen to come from Liz's mouth, it is believed that she caught a cold by stubbornly standing out in the rain for several hours.)

You have to get out of the road.

oops....ended by a truck
I love ice cream, but if somebody said that I had to eat it...

And then I would weep and gnash my teeth for refusing to eat ice cream...but I would refuse.
I have found that some other people share my hatred of being told what to do. For the rest of you here is some good advice: it is best to sneakily convince us that we in fact want to do whatever you say, surprisingly this is not actually difficult.
You: "Liz I don't want to use my feet to walk back to the dorm, I am pretty sure you would love to carry me"
Me: "oh my goodness, I would in fact love to carry you around!"

And for all of you out there who are saying, "it is not virtuous to hate being told what to do." I am like a two year old on steroids, whatever.

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