Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hell's Library

Hell's Library: Twilight 

Hell's Library: James Joyce

This image is not cooperating... if you click on it, maybe it will get bigger. But probably not, it seems very determined to keep me from working on my thesis.

Hell’s Library: The books come to life.
No Liz! What are you talking about? That would be great.
No it wouldn't.

PS: All Aboard my Train of Thought!
On a vaguely related note this makes me think of Hell’s Kitchen.
In which that chef tells everyone that they suck, in the following fashion:
“You call that cutting up carrots?
My mother could cut up carrots better than you, with no arms, by telepathy, with a sacrificial knife.”

On a completely unrelated note: ancient sacrificial knives look really dull, which would be unfortunate if someone was attempting to take your heart out.

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