Friday, May 1, 2015

Garage Sale Win: Sushi Cats

Im just gonna take a moment of your time to brag about my great yard sale find a few weeks ago.

First off, yard sales are like gambling. You drive around, hoping that your Saturday morning will not be wasted. You constantly think to yourself, "Will I find something other than laminated place mats and ugly flower vases? Does everyone still have a VHS copy of Jurassic Park? Will this be worth the fact that I am not drinking coffee at this very moment?" Dear reader some times it is worth it. Sometimes one is lucky.*

*(Sometimes one is not lucky. Also you might be saying, "Liz just put your coffee in a damn reusable coffee mug that you can buy from Starbucks for a mere four thousand dollars." And unto you I say, "The coffee one drinks from a to-go cup tastes like hurry. It is not the same."

Moving on - I have purchased my first work of art. Here it is:

Look at them eat sushi with little chopsticks! I intend to keep this with me for the rest of my life until that fateful day when I die in a nursing home while playing Legend of Zelda.
The man at the large rummage sale who was tending the cash box was jealous, "I wish I had seen this!" he said. Maybe he was lying to get me to bargain less aggressively but I think it's more likely that he was acknowledging its excellence (and rightly so).

Anyway I love this Sushi Cats painting so much that I thought I would share it with you because beautiful things should be shared.

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