Sunday, May 17, 2015


I've been rethinking my tombstone game lately. Attempting to really capture your life on a piece of stone is a difficulty. Mostly it's factory molded angles cradling heart shaped placards on which your existence is whittled down to a name and dates. 
What happened to complex interlocking poems like in the Spoon River anthology? Now that is a graveyard I could be a part of.

Also thought of but not used:

- Rest In Python
- will not brb

In small print underneath the laptop: "Liz once received more likes on a single joke than an acquaintance got on their engagement announcement. This was a greater quantity of success than she ever could have imagined and she kicked the bucket in surprise."

An alternative possibility:
"Liz is survived by her laptop and a recently acquired print of cats eating sushi. These were her best of friends and they will sorely miss her."

In 2048 there will not be grass in cemeteries in LA. The Forest Lawns are looking yellowish already and I'm surprised that they haven't tried out some trendy desert landscaping.

 PS: On making the Spoon River Anthology a real thing - (a fake graveyard full of headstones that have the poems on them) No one has done this yet? Kickstarter has been a thing for a while now and no one has done this yet? What are we even doing.

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