Friday, January 18, 2013

I am having a good week.

It has been a cussing good couple of days you guys, cluster cussing good.
Out-smile the Cheshire cat good.
Second day of wearing the same pair of jeans good.
Alyosha freaking Karamazov good.

1) Oh Noa featured me in Funny Bitch Friday. I am totally flabergastedly honored. Check out her site, it has many funny escapades of awesome:

2) Also, Mama Bread Baker of (also way for good times to be had by y'all) featured me in her "Spotlight's On You" post.

I sit here teary eyed in front of my laptop in the library beaming a huge smile at a sophomore across from me in the computer room who does not know my name and is totally creeped out by my Disney princess on crack cocaine glow. That was an outstanding run-on sentence.
Its like the internet kinda likes me and wants to be my friend...I love you too the internet, I love you too (footnote: by the internet I mean the aforementioned bloggers who are awesome).

Its like the internet fairy is with me.

3) I am officially the first female Trivial Quadrivial Pursuit Captain ever.
I think this might require some explaining. Every year at the very Catholic School which I attend we have an all school trivia game on the feast day of our patron Saint Thomas Aquinas (Look at me know all this Catholic stuff! I am a veritable wealth of religious knowledge!). The whole school divides up into three teams led by three captains, one of whom is yours truly. The school web page does its best to explain this tradition via slideshow:
Pretty much I have to improv it up while attempting to be intelligent at the same time. Hopefully it will be awesome and I will be able to post a video for you.
This is why it's kinda a big deal: the captains for this have been men for all 40 years of this school's existence, until me (Eat that, overemphasized gender stereotypes about comedians).

Lame people: "Ovaries aren't funny."
Yes they are. Mine happen to be cussing more-different-cuss hilarious.

I also just like to be the first of things ever.

4) We have had two classes canceled in two days, it is a most acceptable drought of academic excellence. I have senior-itus real bad.

Foreshadowing of events to come: I shall post a cartoon on Sunday. I know that you will like it because people keep asking me to see it when I work on it in class...I mean, um, I don't work on it in class.


  1. WAH! I am unreasonably excited that you are team captain. When is the great event?


  2. The 28th. YEah. The Improv muses had better smile on me big time.

  3. Bravo, Liz! Bravo times twelve point eight! I'm ecstatic for you, I hope you beat the pants off everyone else.

    If you send Bailey's to the internet fairy, she will make your website better. She lives in Virginia.

  4. Damn what am I doing with my life. Why am I not drinking Bailey's right now? What is wrong with me.

  5. How could I not with lines like he's "totally creeped out by my Disney princess on crack cocaine glow."

    You cracked me up. I need a cartoonist. Let's do lunch, lol.

    1. Awesome, I love to make people crackup. Also I would love to collaborate on a post, or illustrate something for you. Just give me the heads up.

  6. Hi! I am sitting in the library of MY Catholic school (Bellarmine University) and I'm supposed to be writing a paper but I'm uninspired and all of these productive people around me aren't making me feel any better. So I fired up the old Hyundai (the computer, not the car)(Hyundai is a car manufacturer right?) and typed on Oh Noa's website and scrolled through all of the updates I've missed and BEHOLD! It's YOU. And you and your awesome comics are making me hiccup little bursts of air in an incredibly misguided attempt to giggle silently and suddenly I feel okay that I'm uninspired and will probably fail my English 400 course.

    Seriously, though. These comics are freaking hilarious. You rock.


    1. Well that is straight up awesome because I aspire to bring light and barely concealed giggles to austere college libraries throughout the land. My college library really is a terrible place...maybe I should do a cartoon on that.
      I am super glad that you like the comics and I hope you keep reading!

    2. You should definitely make the comic about the library; after all, the library in Sunnydale was set on a Hellmouth, which proves all libraries are evil, I think.

      Count on my continued readership. Also, have you considered making prints of some of your comics and selling them on etsy?


    3. Library comic in progress.
      I haven't created an Etsy account because I can't even get a significant amount of people to read my blog. Thus, I didn't think that people would be willing to buy my cartoons. Etsy is a good idea though, if I could get some more readers I would start selling. I have been posting some of them on Pinterest with zero-to-not-much success.
      Also, continued readership (and commenting!) is my favorite.