Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pajamas With Fox Feet.

In My Life...
 This weekend has been a little busy. Thus I am just going to tell you about my life this weekend. As if this was an internet diary that wanted to hear all about me, and not a bunch of people out there who are very bored right now.  
“Your school doesn't have fraternities or sororities that is probably good because it means that you don’t waste a lot of time on absurd traditions like strip-pong-outside-in-the-mist-of-a-blizzard, right?”
Wrong. I just spent my weekend building a boat out of cardboard for the sake of a strange traditional trivia game.
Nope. No crazy things here.

Other noteworthy events in my life:
I bought a bottle of whiskey that cost 40 dollars and a pajama onesie with feet that look like foxes.

This is my first time buying one bottle of alcohol extremely disproportionate to my means.
It has its own printed wrapping paper, which says: “your money…is gone”
Its own cussing paper.

Look at the paper.

Unfortunately the whiskey is not for me, it is to bribe judges during Trivial Quadrivial Pursuit. 
Fortunately this means people will potentially help me pay for it.
I picked it using my impeccable judgment for fine spirits. (Which is also called: stalking a BevMo employee and asking which costly bottle of booze would impress some 40 year old dudes.)  

Woe to self: the booze is not for me. "I am happy because I am poor, " she told herself.
"Kiss me." said Glenlivet.
"You are way above my financial  level and illegally below my age level (aged 15 years), but I cannot resit giving you a kiss." she said.
 A love story.
This picture brought to you by Forty-seven dollars and seventy-five cents (oh my cuss really!!!).
 I can still take this picture and imagine what it is like to be rich. Except usually the wealthy wear deep red bathrobes made of something like the only scarlet saber tooth tiger to exist ever, not onesies with fox feet and button eyes.

Lightly menacing.
 I am confused about the foxes, are these pajamas trying to insinuate that they are foxy? Rather, they appear to be the opposite of foxy in all of the ways possible. Imagine saying "hey baby" to somebody in this.....op. Hold on. Looks like I just found out what I will be doing next weekend.

Also I made this:

Shark Fin
Thank you Rebecca Lemieux for taking these pictures and putting up with my enthusiasm for this hat.

It is a shark costume.
There is a dorsal fin, straight up on my head.
It is made of cardboard.
As soon as I made it I ran down the hall to my friends dorm room like a puppy that is about to pee on everything from sheer joy.
I was ecstatic, until I began to wonder if I had reached peak awesomeness as an artist and it was all downhill from here. I might spend the rest of my pathetic existence looking longingly back to this moment.


  1. This is absolutely perfect for what I have been wanting for so long, it's nice that you have written this post for all of us to share with. I think it's well-written and very informative, that is what blogging is all about. Thank you, and I just would like to share as well. Here it is:

  2. I want jammies like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes, except the button eyes on my feet are for some reason kinda creepy.
      Don't forget the whiskey, one does not want to be stuck with foot-ed pajamas sans whiskey.

  3. One time, my family bought me a onesie with sock monkey feet for Christmas. It is blue and perfect. But after seeing your foxy onesie I have decided that I need to start collecting pajamas with feet. ...*gasp*...what if they have Cthulhu pajamas!?

    ANYWAY, in news unrelated to pajamas with feet but completely related to your post: Your dorsal fin is awesome. You may now be remembered as "that chick who made the dorsal fin hat" which is just as good, if not better, as being remembered as "that guy who painted melting clocks" and/or "the one dude who cut his ear off."


    1. Cthulhu pajamas with extra tentacled legs, for stuff...possibly cumbersome but still awesome.
      I am so absurdly proud of that dorsal fin hat. I am tempted to wear it everywhere I go, forever, and tell people that I am shark... and hopefully not bite them but you never know what is going to happen when you are in character.

  4. These pictures absolutely made my day!!!!

    1. You getting us bignets absolutely made my day. You are the nicest and also I miss running with you.

  5. I am 200% sure that I spelled that incorrectly.