Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sea Monster

Cephalopod in a bathtub.
Having a good time.
Telling Rubber Duckie all of his secrets. (It is a rule that one must tell all of their secrets in the bathtub, so that your family can hear you talking to yourself and be totally weird-ed out. I make up all my jokes in the bathroom, jokes are really another form of telling my secrets. I think that I am my funniest in front of the bathroom mirror at home. Not even kidding, I am less funny in front of my bathroom mirror at school. It doesn't even make sense.)
Returning to said Cephalopod:
He is totally freaking stunned when he realized that he is massacring a crew of innocent miniature sailors.


  1. I think the octopus is really the tragic hero of this story. It must have been his fate to murder a crew of poor innocent sailors. I'll bet he tried to evade his destiny by never getting closer to the ocean than a soapy bathtub, but alas! the Fates found him all the same. Cruel Fates.