Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rose Parade: I Spy Tubas.

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Happy New Year. Every year on New Years Day Pasadena hosts the Rose Parade, which we have been going to for as long as I can remember. I wrote an I spy about it, here you go. (Yes I will do more cartoons soon. I have been such a cheater over the holidays.)

I love marching bands.
I have never been in a marching band. I have all of zero musical talents.
In my imagination, however, I am on the drum line. (News you can't use: playing the tuba would be my second choice. Additionally, if I was to be magically infused with the ability to play a stringed instrument I would pick the banjo, or chello).

Yay. Tubas.
And now, I spy: Rose Parade edition.
I spy with my little eye, a big fat lie.
Actually this is not a lie. I have attempted to provide photographic documentation of my strange findings.

I spy: trouble for anyone allergic to flowers. Over 500,000 flowers are used in the Rose Parade.

I spy: a marching band wearing clogs. They shuffled the entire Rose Parade route. This supports the popular trend, "not wearing wooden clogs when one desires to walk about ten miles".

I spy a gravy boat. Ha! No really. I think that is quite clever. There might be something wrong with me.
Every time I look at it I am happy.
Food for thought: Why the cuss are they called gravy boats anyway?

        I spy a Bulldog in a coat. 

I spy a homeless marching band. No wait, its just Stanford.

I spy an energetic marching band from El Salvador. The marching bands from El Salvador, Mexico, and Japan were awesome. Success brought to you by: various and sundry other countries.

I spy: bedazzled horse hooves

I spy: a courageous Mongolian looking man
He must have been cold, but at least he was a very popular person in the parade. If one lacks the courage to run ten miles semi-nude, how can they expect to become glorious? That was a deep question. Everybody stop and consider it. 

I also saw: a poodle in a centurion costume, 
a tricked out tractor,
and a million bad color guard uniforms.

As well as the ever popular pooper scoopers:

I am not sure mom appreciates my photographic genus.
 No I could not take a picture of something nice.

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