Sunday, August 12, 2012

Olympics #3 Volleyball and being tall

Recently I learned that I have believed a lie for four years.

During the Beijing Olympics I thought that I heard the commentator say that at 6'1 Misty May was short for Olympic beach volleyball.
As I am 6'1..or 6'2-ish. I was overjoyed. I proclaimed from the rooftops that I was short for something. Yes, short for Olympic volleyball. I was an Olympic volleyball midget.

But, apparently I was not listening very well. During the London Olympics I discovered that this information was false.
Misty May is 5'9
Kerri Walsh is 6'3
I am not short for Olympic Volleyball.
I am not short for Olympic Basketball either. (I checked)
I am not short for anything.

Conclusion: Evolution having handed me all the cards, it shook its head in dismay as I sat on the couch eating Doritos, and not achieving a gold medal in anything.
 I think I took the cards and drew mustaches on the queen.

Sad times.

Great times:
Also It was fun to watch the USA go head to head in the final round of beach volleyball.
Misty May, Kerri Walsh, Jennifer Kessy, and April Ross are all from Southern California.

Yeah! It may be warm here but we rock some beach volleyball.
See how the California Bear plays volleyball gloriously?
See how the speed of the serve sets the volleyball aflame and KO's that player?

Look three posts on the Olympics!

  McKayla Maroney is not impressed.

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