Sunday, August 5, 2012

Palm Springs

I am in Palm Springs, because condos are cheap here in the summer.
In case you were wondering Palm Springs is hot. 
 We said to ourselves :
"LA isn't desert-y enough for us, let us go take a vacation in a real desert. Let us find a place where we catch on fire when we go outside." So we set off  in search of a land of milk and honey. Or more specifically, a  land where milk would go bad in about 2 seconds if you put it outside. (Which is pretty much what Israel is like anyway). 
Luckily there is air conditioning, which we are actually allowed to use. As opposed to home.
   Mom: "are you sure that you need the air conditioning on?"
   Me: "do you know what it is like to stand in the sun? I do. Because it's that hot upstairs."
   Mom: "doesn't sound too bad, stop being such a wimp"
Everyone I know who has central air conditioning doesn't use it. Which is probably good because LA has enough power outage issues in the summer as it is.
      Reporter: Another 5 elderly people died today as a result of power outages. Way to go central air-    conditioning jerks.
This also makes running very difficult because I have never run on a treadmill but it is a million degrees outside. I always feel like the treadmill will get tired of me stepping on it and try to buck me off- actually that might make a great sport.
I think I am going to have to try it though because I can feel myself congealing.

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