Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Harry Potter...Hairy Potty

This dead Roman can now have a great time wondering who will get in a fight next.
Will it be?
Ron and Hermione
Harry and Ron
Hermione and Harry (almost never)
...I feel sometimes like in the middle of the book when nothing is going down, Rowling would just spin the wheel of teenage-wizard drama and write about whatever it landed on until there was some more substantial plot drama at Christmas.
AND now introducing a similar story... HAIRY POTTY  in which several courageous janitors battle a slimy hair growing toilet

Destined to find a place on the lowest-sellers list along with "How to be Poor" by Paris Hilton, the new novel "hairy potty" has recently won a "peoples-choice-to-avoid" award.

Hairy Potty he is the frickin chosen one, got it?


  1. Liz, this is great. Funny and informative!

  2. Thanks I am proud of hair potty, and his curse scar in the last picture.