Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Gauntlet of Celebrity Gossip

        During school it's a chance to get away from the college campus. It doesn't matter how beautiful it is, at some point you get really tired of seeing it.
        One should never pass up and opportunity to dance to the grocery store music. Especially if you can balance a milk jug on your head. 

All great but then comes time to checkout. This involves paying money. Which I hate.
Even more atrocious is being bombarded by various magazines which surround the checkout line.
I call this the gauntlet of celebrity gossip.
All the stars come out of the magazines and start yelling stuff at you in all caps.
TOO FAT: In a fit of anger a celebrity suffocated a paparazzi member with a camera strap. After he took an unflattering picture of her "summer look". His family was asked to comment they said, "he was clearly a loser."

Tom and Katie are splits-ville: 5 gazillion photos of them to follow immediately.
Which reminds me

All of this reminds me that I like Time and National Geographic. I should probably stop complaining about Time, even though they included Kant and Newton in the "100 most influential people" ...geniuses who taunt me even from the grave.

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